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How much is the truck to rent?

It varies based on the number of hours and days, as well as the required travel distance. Please Contact Us for a custom quote.

How can I reserve my date?

Please Contact Us. We will require a deposit to hold your date(s).

Can I bring my own props?

Yes, as long as they will not cause damage to the truck.

Do you have insurance?

Yes the truck is insured and also covered by a General Liability policy. We will provide them to any venue if requested.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Venmo, Cash and Check.

Will you bring the truck to my event?

Yes. We will transport the truck to your event location at no charge if it is within 10 miles of Moorestown, NJ. Beyond that, a nominal transportation fee will apply based on the mileage.

Can I drive the truck?

Our insurance policies prohibit guests and customers from operating our truck.

Am I responsible for damage to the truck while renting it?


Can I dispense alcoholic beverages out of the truck bed?

No, this is against the law.

Do I need a permit to rent your truck?

Your venue may require permits and/or permission to park our truck there. We will provide any information requested of us, but ultimately the guest is responsible for securing any permits.

What about bringing the truck indoors?

We can do this. We will remove the battery and ignition if so required by the venue.